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Discover your innate potential for wellness and learn the simple yet effective tools through Ayurvedic counseling. The initial session is based on dosha assessment. It includes an extensive evaluation of Prakriti meaning what is your natural state of being as determined at the time of birth and Vikruti which means the root cause of your imbalances that you are facing at the present moment due to lifestyle and dietary changes or have them since childhood. Learning about your unique dosha combination and understanding your constitution you come to understand your natural inherent strengths, and your greatest challenges.


Based on the current state of your doshas, you will receive a personalized take home plan that is especially prepared for you focusing on Ayurveda nutrition plan, daily routine and habits, self- care, yogic breathing exercises, safe and proper use of aromatherapy and Ayurvedic herbs, primordial Vedic mantras to enhance spirituality and guidelines for lifestyle changes. 


90-minute initial consultation/counseling session fee is $125.00 One half hour follow up session is included after 2 weeks either via phone or Zoom video conferencing.



60-minute for all additional counseling session fee is $95.00. In these sessions you will explore in depth to stay on track with your goals that were discussed and set up in your initial session. No follow ups are included with additional sessions.


**** Ayurveda and Aromatherapy products are sold separately with special order****